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Master Trader Bootcamp – The Critical Path to become a Successful Investor/Trader


Based on research and interview with Top Investors and Traders, Psychology & Money Management contributes 90% of their success. Therefore, it is an absolute must to attend this workshop if you want to get Consistent Results in your Investment/Trading. We will lead you through the Journey to become a Successful Investor/Trader and save you tremendous amount of time, energy and money in this journey. We will help you match the right investment/trading style to your character/personality, capital, time commitment and your personal goals. Most important of all this will enable you to get on the right track to reach your dream goal of financial, time and location freedom in the shortest time.

This is a 4 days bootcamp followed by quarterly followup Booster Session of 3-4 hours each. We have an experienced team of coaches that includes full time investor and traders as well as coaches that are Certified in NLP Master Coaching and Strategic Intervention. NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming includes crucial skills to master the subconscious mind and Strategic Intervention includes powerful psychology skills to transform people even for those with very challenging situation.

Here’s the outcome you can expect for yourself in this year’s Bootcamp:

  • Establish a clear goal for investment/trading and strong reason to support it that makes it an absolute must. We will help you discover your inner core needs that really drives you so that your journey is sustainable. This discovery will also help you in other aspects of your life.
  • Learn Powerful Psychology & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Skills to master your subconscious mind and emotions in your journey to become a successful investor/trader.
  • Discover the financial instrument, investment/trading style and timeframe that suits your personality, time commitment, capital requirement and personal goal and create a portfolio with the right allocation.
  • Sharing on the latest studies on top investors and traders that includes not only stocks but also options, forex, futures, money markets and arbitrage traders and learn the most important lessons that makes them consistent irrespective of what they trade. Discover the crucial skills as well as psychology needed for the various investment/trading styles and find the right role model among these top investor/trader that match you the most.
  • Rate yourself on the Top 30+ mistakes that investors/traders make and have a progress chart for yourself in this transformation.
  • Learn how to break those patterns that cause you to make these mistakes regularly and realize limiting beliefs about yourself, about trading, about the market and about your relation to money that are hindering your success as a investor/trader. The key here is progress and focus on eliminating the top ones that impact your trading most.
  • Learn the crucial money management and portfolio management skills to protect your portfolio. In addition to that, we will be covering advanced money management skills that can help you accelerate your profits while minimizing risk.
  • Rate yourself on the Top 10 traits of highly successful investor & traders and have a progress chart for yourself to model these behaviour.
  • Instill new empowering beliefs and behaviours of successful investors & traders and condition them to your subconscious mind.
  • Experience our market simulation on the various type of market condition which helps you discover your natural decision making pattern and gives you an upper hand in preparing to deal with any situation both emotionally, and in trading action. This is a critical rehearsal so that you will be prepared to face such situation in your live trading.
  • Create a personalized roadmap for mastering the key skills and traits as well as completing the millionaire journey trading plan to get from where you are right now to get to your millions – matching your investment/trading style, time commitment, experience and goals. Top traders research shows that all of them trade strategies that match their personalities and they have a plan to measure their progress.
  • Create an empowering Buddy and Peer Group to support each other in this journey to your millions.
  • Create a self check mechanism to help you catch yourself in trading and put yourself back on track.
  • Learn how to master your emotions and quickly change your emotional state.

Also included in your program

  • The exclusive Wise Trader’s Trading Plan – a personalized guide for your journey towards your millions.
  • 3 follow-up coaching sessions with our Chief Trainer &  Master Coaches.



“It is very important that everyone who wants to be successful in trading learn about this. It is unfortunate that all the courses out there don’t touch on this which is why so many people failed in trading.”

Gooi Mong Ling, Sydney, Australia.


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